Design, manufacturing and customer service

AMERICAN STRUCTURES designs and manufactures superior quality roof and floor trusses, and prefabricated walls. These are the main reasons that you should contact us for your future construction projects.


AMERICAN STRUCTURES has a professional team of technicians and designers. We design and draw our wood products and their components with the latest software and computer equipment. Everything is taken into consideration to maximize the effectiveness of our products and to reduce the costs of your construction projects.


AMERICAN STRUCTURES offers only high-quality products. All of our production and assembly employees understand how important each detail is, each step, and are committed to put in the effort required to manufacture products of excellence.

All our assembly lines were designed and manufactured by experts in the industry, allowing us to maximize the yields of our equipment and to offer products that meet your budget expectations.

Customer service

All AMERICAN STRUCTURES projects are supervised by dedicated managers. You will have close contact with only one person throughout your project. This project manager’s expertise will be greatly appreciated when the time comes to answer your questions. In addition, he can move around on the construction site to provide any technical support needed to quickly address any unforeseen situation.

At AMERICAN STRUCTURES, the customer is at the centre of our world and we recognize the importance of professional service delivered by a highly qualified team.