The construction of prefabricated buildings: a reliable, intelligent and profitable solution

AMERICAN STRUCTURES uses specialized high-performance software for the design of its wood frame products and their components. This same software allows us to make any changes to construction project plans, which may be necessary to meet the needs of architects, engineers and clients, both in terms of size and makeup of the project’s structural elements.

Prefabricated products are smart and economical solutions for several reasons:

  • The use of prefabricated wood products makes for greater cleanliness and safety on construction sites. This leaves more room for worker productivity while furthering respect of delivery delays to the contractor. In some projects, delivery delays can even be advanced, which could generate additional savings.
  • Our production line produces substantial savings on the project considering the number of man hours and real on-site time can be saved.
  • Factory quality is systematically and strictly monitored, under favourable interior conditions, by experienced employees.
  • Since each of the pieces of the puzzle is unique, they have no value for anyone who would be tempted to steal or fence them.
  • The deliveries are made according to agreed-upon deadlines and include all required plans and installation instructions. These plans permit fast installation and, at the same time, decrease on-site labour costs.