Floor trusses

Our prefabricated trusses are completely custom designed to meet the unique needs of each project. Trusses and floors are fully factory assembled for efficient installation on the project site. Their superior-quality wood design ensures the durability and solidity that sets them apart from similar products on the market.
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  • Variable truss height, from 10 in. to 34 in.
  • Wood siding: 2 x 4 in. or 2 x 3 in.
  • Up to 40 feet in length, depending on required loads



  • Entirely made of S-P-F and SYP-type lumber
  • Trusses treated against fire (FRT) and termites
  • Open web-floor trusses assembled with steel plates


Installation possibilities

  • Installation plans provided
  • Sleeper walls, hangers and support beams can be provided
  • Coordination of mechanics threaded through the trusses
  • Easy-to-install wiring, plumbing and ventilation through our web-floor truss system
Made in canada
Quality - Price ratio


Floor trusses and prefabricated floors

AmeriCan Structures designs prefabricated floors known for their strength. Built to measure to meet the specific needs of each project, our floors are fully assembled in factory with our floor trusses.

Stiffeners and plywood or OSB panels are also installed in factory, making for unequalled efficiency once you’re on site. Thanks to a team of dedicated experts, AmeriCan Structures’ projects are completed on time… and solid.

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