AmeriCan Structures designs and manufactures high-quality prefabricated walls, floor trusses and roof trusses. Solidity, know-how and size are our key motivations as we masterfully carry out large-scale projects.
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Design and technology

AmeriCan Structures has a team of professional technicians and draftsmen. We use the latest software and hardware technologies to design and draft our wood framing products and their components.

Our expertise even allows us to develop projects using the Building Information Modeling (BIM) creation process. Every detail is planned to maximize our project’s efficiency and to minimize your construction costs.

Materials and know-how

AmeriCan Structures offers high-quality products. All our production and assembly-line employees pay close attention to every detail, at every step of the manufacturing process. Our team is highly committed to sustained efforts to design excellent products.

Our assembly lines have been designed and manufactured by industry specialists, allowing us to maximize the performance of our equipment and offer you results that meet your budget and expectations.

Professional customer service

At AmeriCan Structures, we care about our customers and we invest considerable energy in making sure that our highly qualified team always delivers top-notch service. Each AmeriCan Structures project is supervised by a dedicated manager, who acts as an intermediary and ensures customers have a single point of contact all through the project.

The project manager’s expertise is most useful when it comes to answering customers’ questions. The project manager may also travel to the site to provide necessary technical support and quickly compensate for any unforeseen circumstances.